eBook - Te Reo Yoga Cards (PDF)
eBook - Te Reo Yoga Cards (PDF)
eBook - Te Reo Yoga Cards (PDF)
eBook - Te Reo Yoga Cards (PDF)

eBook - Te Reo Yoga Cards (PDF)

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He mauri te reo Māori nō Aotearoa māu, mā tātou katoa

Make Te Reo Māori an essential part of New Zealand for ALL of us!

The Te Reo Yoga Cards are a set of bilingual instructional yoga cards for anyone who wants to learn Te Reo Maori and move their body with yoga. 
These cards are a quick references for people wanting to move their body, still their mind, open their hearts and have deeper connection to others i.e. a yoga or a Hauora approach. All of this while learning or strengthening Te Reo Māori. The kaupapa is to uplift and empower everyone on a Hauora journey.
Each of our 40+ yoga cards will have instructions for each posture in Te Reo and Pākehā. These cards are for all level of Reo Speaker… plus all level of yoga practitioner. You can practice in your time, at your level, at home, in the office or at kura!
This caters to ALL levels of yoga practitioner and ALL levels of reo speakers.


Proudly developed, designed, and printed in Aotearoa New Zealand.